Code2Test provides the best tutorials and complete solution in terms of Automation Testing and language, Learn Automation tools from professionals here you find lot of contents and tutorials on different technology like selenium Webdriver, Appium, etc which are on trends and being used by big company for their QA business. Code2Test makes you learn with fun through sharing code base, live example,screenshot on code and vedio to make the learning experience go broad and in depth.

We Provide in depth knowledge

Learn Automation tools available here with in depth knowledge from the base to advance level, so that the learner can get a proper command on the topic covered and can expand his/her knowledge to a broader level .

Code Sharing of every topic

After the advance level explanation of every topic, we share the code base so that learner can run a code practically had have hand on experience on the topic so that the doubts can be cleared.

Live Examples with each topic

There is Live examples covered with scenarios of related topic, so that the related topics can be more clear and applied on real world where its applicable.

Vedio sharing

We take effort in creating and sharing the vedios of the very topic at the end, so that learner do not miss the important point and have live experience of learning with voice.

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