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implicit,explicit And fluent wait in selenium

Wait in selenium Webdriver plays a crucial role in excution of Automation script,So in this tutorial we will discuss all the waits that can be provided by selenium for the smooth script execution.

What is implicit, explicit & Fluent wait in selenium?

As we know that the Web application are been developed by the developers in different technology like javascript etc., so these application takes different time span for the loading of the web page, there may be many other reason for the delay in loading of web page that can be slowness or environmental issue etc.

So to overcome and make our automation script wait for the time required for web page to load and prevends from ‘ ElementNotVisibleException‘ we use wait commands.

There are basically 3 types of wait in selenium webdriver these are:

1) Implicit wait: By implementing the implicit wait in selenium webdriver automation script, the script wait for certain time span for the webpage to load and execution do not gets effected. The syntax for implicit wait is below.


driver.manage().timeouts().implicitlyWait(TimeOut, TimeUnit.SECONDS);

This command accepts the 2 parameters which is Timeout in integer and measurement of time period these are SECONDS, MINUTES, MILISECOND etc.

2) Explicit wait: