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Download & Setup Android SDK

In previour topic we learned setup java , in this tutorial we are going to learn the how to Download & Setup Android SDK but moving we will first understand about Android.

How to Download & Setup Android SDK?

Android is an operating system by google which run on different devices and provide an interactive interface with different application.

The Android software Kit (SDK) provides a package which helps in the development of Android application and for building connection it contains platform tools and ADB driver.

Steps to download Android SDK are below:

Step 1) Click to the link Click and download the SDK.

Download & Setup Android SDK

Step 2) Select the path of on local system where the software to be downloaded.

Download & Setup Android SDK_1

Step 3) Click to Next button under Android SDK Tools Setup

Download & Setup Android SDK_2

Step 4) Now the Android SDK setup will detect you JDK setup and if found will display message, click to Next

Download & Setup Android SDK_3

Step 5) Now you have to choose user for which you want to install Android SDK by default its “Install just for me”, click to Next button.

Step 6) Now install the Android SDK in by default location in c:\ by click to Next button

Step 7) Click to Next button, if not requires shortcut else check under checkbox.

Step 8) Once installation completed, click to Next button

Step 9) Again Click to Next button after final Tools wizard completed.

so once your completed with above steps Android SDK will get configured in your system and next step will be the installation of packages for Android that we will learn on next tutorial