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Why Selenium?

Why to use selenium webdriver

Selenium: is an (open source) web based automation tool. Selenium has the capability to integrate with different other tool and come up with a complete package.

Why to use selenium webdriver?

Selenium provides a list of platform and browser support these are:

  • Google Chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • IE
  • Phantom JS (Headless browser)
  • Html Unit (Headless browser) etc

Why to use selenium webdriver when we have multiple tools in market?

  1. Open Source: The advantage of using selenium oven other tools is its open source, so we do not have to pay a huge cost on purchase of heavy license and easily accessible.The developers of selenium keeps on providing the updates and versions with new functionality.              Due to refined methods and classes available in selenium it become easy in managing the code and integrating with third party tool.
  2. Platform Independent: Selenium is platform independent, so a single piece of code can be executed on different platform and execution is performed in same behaviour .
  3. Multi Browser Testing: Multiple browsing testing can be performed easily in selenium, we can run same code on different browsers like google chrome, firefox, safari, IE etc without any change in code.
  4. Integration with other tools: Due to easy integration with third party tool, selenium is much preferred for web automation than other tools in market. It is easy integrated with browserstack, saucelab, reporting tools like Extend report, etc.
  5. Easy to setup: Selenium is easy to setup in local system as compared to other tool which required heavy hardware installation and framework. In selenium we just need to add the provided jar to get started in any of preferred IDE (ex eclipse).